Visions is a massively multiplayer online game currently in a development.

We are rebuilding the game in a new engine.  Our plan is to open Visions to Beta Testers sooner rather than later, meaning before all content is completed. We know you want to play. So do we! We’re doing our best to make that happen.


How can you help?

#1. Volunteer your time and talents. If you have time in your schedule, you’re willing to work for free until we get funding, and you have skills in any of the following: 3D game programming Python script; 3D modeling, Animation, UV wrapping, texturing; writing (quests, short stories, poetry… etc.); sound engineering or digital music composing, worldbuilding (level design), Biblical history, or generic programming experience and willing to learn and work with the team.

#2. You can donate financially. Even $12 helps.  If half a million people were to donate $12 we would have sufficient funding to hire a full team of full time developers for a year, which would accelerate our development progress exponentially.  If you are only able to make a 1 time donation of any amount, or if you are able to make a faith-promise donation of $12 a month for 12 months, either would be greatly appreciated.  If you are not able to volunteer your time, but can donate money, please Donate now!.

#3. Pray for us. If you don’t have the time, a needed talent, or the money to contribute, please pray for us.  We are creating this game in faith as we feel directed by the leading of our hearts.  Yet with any project of this magnitude there are always moments of doubt or frustration.  We understand that there will be problems along the way as with any development project, but please pray that we will handle each situation wisely and to the best possible outcome for all who are involved.

#4.  Tell your friends! We are tremendously dependent on player interest for this game to be a success.  Please share the link with all your online gaming and role playing gamer friends.  Post the link in your Church bulletin.  Put an ad in your local newspaper.  The more people who support our cause, the faster we’ll be able to get the game completed.