We are glad you are here!  I’m sure you must be excited about the FREE E-cookbook that we are offering and wondering how you can get a copy.  You’ve come to the right place!  We are indeed offering a FREE electronic cookbook which includes a sampling of recipes from Ancient Roman times adapted for the modern kitchen with modern ingredients. The Romans ate good food. And now you can taste it when you make the recipes in “Ancient Roman Eats” by Laurene Wells.  No purchase necessary!

How many Roman recipes are familiar to you?  Do you know what Romans liked to eat for dessert?  What is “Garum” and how was it used?  Read the book and find out!

We are offering this e-cookbook to help raise awareness for our project.  We want more people to learn about what we are doing here with the Visions game project, how we are including authentic Roman recipes in the game, and how we have researched the Ancient Roman culture to create a rich immersive environment where players can experience history.

Maybe some people have never heard of a Christian game before.  Maybe they knew about Christian games but don’t really understand how an online game could add a positive contribution to our society. Or maybe they have been searching for a Christian MMORPG, but haven’t been able to find us until now.  People can learn more here!

Maybe some Christians have programming, 3d art, or creative writing skills and have been searching for a way to use their talents for God, they can apply to join our volunteer team!

Perhaps some people would like to be active supporters of our project to help us get the game done faster.  Sign up here to give a monthly contribution, and earn special benefits.  It’s easy!

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We know some gamers have been searching a long time for a different kind of game that has meaningful content, and that strengthens friendships, and is built on Christian values.  Look no further!  And get a free e-book just for joining our fan page!

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Thank you for visiting our website!  Enjoy your FREE e-cookbook about Ancient Roman food!  God bless you.