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Visions is Free for Passover!

Yes, you heard that right!

We are offering the Visions client download for FREE during Passover week. Yes, yes, we know… every business savvy instinct within us says that we’ll never make enough money to pay our developers so they can start working on Visions full time if we give the game away for free. But the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to give it away for free during Passover, so that’s what we’re doing. A great BIG THANK YOU to Eric for getting the code set up to allow us to do this.

If you have a friend who has been wanting to play but couldn’t afford the contribution price, now is the time to get them in the game! Share this link with them! Or maybe you have been hesitating about whether you could afford it or not, so you held back on contributing to our project. Now is your chance to try it out for free!

No, this is not a crippled version, or a limited use trial version. This is the FULL version of the Visions Alpha client, totally free on digital download. We pray that the Lord will bless you, encourage you, inspire you, and comfort you through this experience. We pray that your experience in Visions will strengthen your walk with the Lord. We hope that Visions will become a place where you can escape the trials of life and relax for a while. Take a walk in the woods, sit by the lake, chop down trees, collect rocks, play with the animals, walk on the beach, watch the sunset, organize an ingame Bible Study with some friends, put on a play in the Theater, go swimming in the ocean, ride the boat, ride a dolphin, gather corn and olives, harvest trees, break open rocks, gather eggs.  These are just a few things you can do in Visions right now. There is more to come, but this much is ready right now.

Tell your friends and family. Get in the game right now for free. Come see what we’re doing in Visions!


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Live GM Events temporarily suspended

Due to a scheduling conflict the Live GM events on Tuesday evenings will be suspended until further notice. We really wanted for there to be two Game Master’s in the world with players at each event, but for the last few months we have been down to only one GM available on Tuesday nights. Now we have no GM’s available on Tuesday nights to lead Bible study, prayer meeting, or live quest events until at least mid March or April. In the event that we have new volunteers step up to take on this role we will resume the weekly activity for players again.  For the time being however there will be no more live GM events on Tuesday evening. Thank you for understanding.

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