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April-May 2016 Visions Update

We published a patch today to the Visions live play-test server. This was a planned update to fix some bugs.


Visions 0.3.4 Patch Notes for April 30, 2016
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-Bug Fixes and Game Balancing
–Increased drop rate of Iron Ore
–Made it possible to use either iron ore or iron crystals to make an iron ingot
–Added the Pot Recipe Scroll to the Blacksmith merchant so people can actually craft a cooking pot now.
–Fixed the Green Amphora Bottle code in the kiln so it actually produced a Green Amphora Bottle now
– Forgot to remove the test crystals from the quarry area. Will try to get those in the next patch.
– New merchants are all working. Mostly they are in the Kourion area right now.
– New Carpentry and Sawmill merchants are in. Might need more testing. Definitely more to come with this feature.
– More work has been done on Kyrenia and the peninsula in that NorthEastern zone.


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God bless you.


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