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Visions Shop – Download the Visions Client here. Buy affiliate sponsor in-game objects, or affiliate web links to help support Visions development.

The Tiny Zoo Store – Get access to VISIONS** here! This is our own store on our company site where you can purchase downloads of all our computer games, and our board game. (See below where to purchase Messiah, our card game.)

Pages for Our Games:

Chariots! – Buy Chariots the computer game from OUR store, and other Christian Games!

Treasures In Heaven – Print and Play* board game. This game won an award at the 2010 CGDC in the annual game design contest. Download, print it and play it today!

Pedich Edhellen – Learn to speak Elvish!

Messiah – Buy Messiah cards, the card game we published through The Game Crafter.

Game-related products:

Zazzle swag – Buy ALL KINDS of promotional gear through our Zazzle store: t-shirts, hats, ties, skateboards, buttons, stickers, calendars, even shoes!

Cafe Press Visions – Buy Visions promotional gear through our Cafe Press store: more Tshirts, hats, buttons, stickers, and a other fun things.

Cafe Press Chariots – Buy Chariots promotional gear through our Cafe Press store: more Tshirts, hats, buttons, stickers, and other fun things.

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*What is Print and Play? Print and Play is a method of distributing Indie board games so that people can print the pieces on card stock on their home computer and play them right away! Treasures In Heaven has not yet been produced in a commercial box. Please post a blog, tweet, or facebook message about our game if you play it, and point back to our site! It helps!

**Visions is still in development. The download client for sale on our store site grants access to our TEST SERVER, the game is not fully developed yet. Contributions to the Visions game development project are non-refundable and non-tax-deductible. Please support the Visions game project by becoming a Sponsor, an Active Supporter, or by purchasing something from one of our online store sources here.