Visions is in Alpha development. This means that the core design of the game is not done yet. We are still working on it. Some people want to see what the game looks like through all the different stages while the developers are creating it, so we have set up an Alpha server for people who are willing to contribute to our development efforts. Running the Alpha server entails some overhead costs, bandwidth and power being our largest ongoing expenses, not to mention the cost of the hardware, so we charge for the opportunity to allow people to play. However this does not mean that the game experience is fully implemented as intended. It simply means we have a server up and you can see some of the things we are working on. Since we do have paying players, we try to post holiday events and other fun things as often as possible, but we don’t allow the holiday events to preside over our development efforts. Holiday events may be posted late or run longer than anticipated. You can obtain access to the Visions Alpha client at our game store.

The Tiny Zoo Store – Get access to VISIONS here! This is our own store on our company site where you can purchase downloads of all our computer games, and our board game. (See below where to purchase Messiah, our card game.)

Funds donated are used directly for the development of Visions. Donations are non-refundable and non-tax-deductible since we are not a non-profit organization. (To register as a non-profit we must have an identifiable target audience that our business services in a beneficiary type of way, and Visions does not meet that requirement.) We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. If you run a business we do have some advertising options which you might be able to use as an advertising deduction on your taxes instead. Please see our Affiliates page for more information about that opportunity.


Q. Wait? What do you mean Visions is in Alpha? I thought you were in Beta?

In 2011 when we were using the Torque engine, we had gotten some quests working and had reached Beta stage 1. We reached a point in development however where we could not continue with that engine and had to shut down the Torque server. In January 2012 we started over with the Bigworld game engine. We were able to re-use some of the art assets, but all the code work and worldbuilding had to be started from scratch. So we are in Alpha again, but approaching Beta much faster than we were able to with Torque.

Q. I Still want to play! How come I can’t access the Visions Beta server?

A. We have taken the Torque server down permanently while we work on the next implementation in Bigworld. We are sorry for the inconvenience. It is possible to play in the new Alpha test server if you make a financial contribution to the project.

Q. I would like to actually work on Visions to help you get it done faster and build my resume as a game developer. How can I help?

A. Wonderful! We were hoping you would say that! We need Programmers/Scripters, 3D animators, quest writers, and level designers (world builders).  Please fill out our online application and sign the electronic NDA that is attached.