Thank you for your interest Visions.

The Concept for Visions  game sprouted from watching my children, and how they could memorize all manner of useless details about the games they played, but were uninterested in memorizing things which were important and vital to the success of their rapidly approaching adult lives, like history, language, scriptures, science and math, I thought that, if perhaps we could harness that level of interest into a game that was foremost fun and captivating, but also with an educational content so that they would be able to learn without realizing they were learning something, we would really have something. And because so many games currently on the market today are not particularly suitable for children, yet still find themselves in homes where children live, and played by children, this game should be made suitable for people of all ages. And while it was always somewhat part of the concept, as the idea grew it became more and more clear to me that this game needed to have God at it’s very core foundation if it was to fulfill it’s purpose completely.  Once these basic principals coalesced into a single goal, the game began to take form in my mind, and has grown through many stages to an intricately detailed, monumental entity.

As the game design has matured, the more precisely I have defined the underlying purposes for creating the game in the first place:

#1. To make the Bible and the Holy Land come to life for the player in a real and meaningful personal experience.

#2. To encourage the players to read and learn the Bible in a fun and enjoyable environment.

#3. To create a family friendly game that will be suitable for children while still challenging and stimulating enough for adults.

#4 To make a game that is FUN, that appeals to gamers who like the stimulation of playing games with other people, but just haven’t quite found what they are looking for in other games currently in the market.

#5. To create a game that I would want to play, one that does not feel like a waste of time, that has a larger purpose to it beyond just loot & levels, and yet is still enjoyable and one that I do not worry about letting my children play it also.

#6. To step outside the box, and create a game that perhaps has not quite been done before, to reach an untapped market of people who are still searching for a game that speaks to their heart, that challenges them on an intellectual, social and spiritual level that other games have not attempted to accomplish.


The reasons for creating this particular type of game persist, and become stronger rather than lesser. Children are still growing up in homes where games are played.Parents are still looking for fun games to play that they can play together with their families.

College students are looking for something new, something different, something unexpected. People of all ages are looking for a different kind of game that meets the needs of a different kind of gamer.