We are working from home, as usual, during Covid-19.

In 2019 we began the process of converting Visions from the Bigworld engine to the Unity Engine. This essentially means rebuilding the game entirely. This decision was not made lightly or hastily, but with much prayer and deliberation. Ultimately, it was the voice of our players who made the final decision: people were no longer able to even install the Bigworld client properly so that they could play the game. We had to choose between shutting down the project or changing engines again, because (due to World of Tanks buying out the Bigworld company) Bigworld no longer supports Indie development. Unity however is built by Indies, for Indies. And we already owned the uMMORPG asset and found a community of developers who had created addons for it that would allow us to vastly accelerate our progress. So we have spent several months learning how to use uMMORPG, and UMA, and GAIA and some other tools that are needed to convert Visions to Unity faster and easier than we were able to build the game before. We have been working silently behind the scenes for the last several months from our homes, even while enduring the flu, and dodging all the other chaos that is happening in the world around us to bring this game to you. Please join our community discord for current news and updates!