Thank you for asking!  There are many ways you can help!

1. Join our development team. We really need more volunteers to help us.  Developer seats are limited so a minimum of 12 hours a week commitment to the team is required.

* Programmers proficient in Python script (or willing to learn, and capable of self-directed study).

* Quest writers who are up for the challenge of containing their eloquent speeches and brilliant essays of wisdom to blocks of 256 characters, or less.

* 3D artists and Animators.  Indie suite of Milkshape-Fragmotion-UU3D Pro tools, or 3dsMAX or Maya professional license is required (CAN NOT be educational license to work on our commercial project) to export to game format. Must be able to create game-ready models, including texturing, LOD, keyframe animation (for animators), and must be willing to work with animals. We are also interested in adding a clothing designer for the avatars to our team, if you can work with hidden mesh layers.

* Sound FX Engineer – We need a sound magician, someone who can walk around in a silent game and identify auditory needs for the environment, someone who is not only able to create environment sounds, but also able to make them work in the game. This position requires some level building skills.

* Level Designer (aka: World Builder) – Someone who has the time and talent to make our game world look pretty. We have ultimately about 1000 zones to build. There is plenty of work for worldbuilders to do for quite some time. Art skills are a bonus but not required, proficiency using the BigWorld tools is preferred, or someone who is a quick learner and will apply themselves to the work at hand.

* Public Relations and Marketing – Laurene is wearing too many hats and some of them fall off occasionally. Managing the forums is one of the tasks the Producer has been doing that she forgets about sometimes while she is working on other things. We could also use someone who is willing to actively promote Visions on our social media sites, blogs, etc. Do you have a gift for marketing? Are you good at Community relations? We can use you!

2. Don’t have time to work for us but still want to help?  Contribute financially. We have a lot of expenses that have drained our personal accounts and we could really use your help. Websites, bandwidth, programming bounties, art content packs, development tools, and other development related expenses all add up.  Can you be an Active Supporter to the Visions project?

3. Pray for us. We’re making a Christian game in a secular world. We face a lot of challenges, in business, in relationships, in our daily lives, and in spiritual realms.  Every single person who has ever joined our development team has had very real and very significant spiritual battles they had to fight (some gave up the fight, and quit the team) as a result of working for us.  One of the cool things about spiritual warfare as a Christian though is experiencing the victory we have in Jesus!  We still have to fight the battles, but with God on our side, we are victorious.  Please pray for us, that we will have the strength to endure the battles, and experience those victories.