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#Visions (beta) Minimum System Requirements

#How to find your system specs

#Does Visions run on a Mac?

#My Operating system is Windows Vista or Windows

Visions (beta) Minimum System Requirements

Please check that your system meets the Visions minimum system requirements.


How to find your system specs

In Win 10:

Click on the “Windows Button” (default location is in the lower left corner) on your desktop toolbar

In the little search box at the bottom of the pop-up menu type RUN and press Enter

In the Run box that pops up type in DXDIAG

Click OK

If it asks about Signed drivers just click NO

This will open the DirectX Diagnostic tool that will tell you all of your system specifications.

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Does Visions run on a Mac?

No. Visions is built to run on a Windows system, Windows XP is preferred. Windows 7 is also good.

We do not have an ETA for when Visions might run on a Mac.

It also does not run in a web browser or on a phone. Sorry.

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My Operating system is Windows Vista or Windows 7 – can I run Visions?

Maybe, but you will have to manually install DirectX 9 from the Microsoft website. If you run a system check it will think that you have the newest version of DirectX already because Vista runs on DX10 and Win7 runs on DX11 but in Microsoft’s infinite wisdom they decided NOT to make DX10 and DX11 retroactively accommodating of DX9 libraries. And Visions requires DX9 from June 2009 or newer.

Here are the instructions you need to follow to manually install DirectX 9 on your Vista or Win7 computer*:

1. Click on the following address:

DirectX Web Setup

2. Near the middle of the page on the left of where it says “Validation Required”, click “Continue

3. Click Install Plug-in follow the on-screen directions, and then click Continue near the bottom of the page.

4. This leads you to a page to download dxwebsetup.exe. Save the file to your desktop.

5. Run dxwebsetup.exe (about 25mb download)

6. Congratulations! You can now run Visions on Windows Vista.

~Instructions courtesy of Kamaran

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