Today we deleted the remaining 38,800+ spam posts that we didn’t get deleted yesterday, as well as an additional 50,000+ bogus accounts. More than 100,000 bogus accounts total were deleted this week. The spam and spammers are all gone!

This is the report that was posted in our HBTZ Games Discord server:

TRIUMPHANT UPDATE! The Visions Forums are scrubbed completely clean!!
Next step will be to implement the upgrade to the forums that will hopefully prevent the spam from getting through again.
Tim and I deleted all accounts that had 0 posts, as well as all the obvious accounts that had spam posts. There is a small chance that we may have accidentally deleted someone who was a legitimate player in the thousands upon thousands of accounts that were deleted. If this happened to you, please just make a new account, and let us know so we can mark your account as safe. Also post something! Spammers very commonly create accounts without posting, so that is why accounts with no posts get deleted. Thanks for your patience, this task was long overdue. The Lord gave me insight today on how to get this done quickly and efficiently, so I was able to delete more than 100,000 accounts in a single day. Thank you for praying for me! May the Lord bless everyone who has prayed for us, who has supported us, who has encouraged us along the way. We can not do this – or anything – without God’s blessing and favor. He is the only reason we can continue at all. To God be the glory.
Success! New progress with Unity!
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