Visions Minimum System Requirements

We are developing Visions in the Unity game engine. System requirements for Visions are still being established, but suffice it to say you need a gaming computer to run this game.  Here is what we know:

Visions is an online game. Internet service is required to access the game. A download speed of 5 MBPS minimum is recommended.

Runs on a Windows PC: Win 10 recommended (IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are running Win 7 or newer be sure to update your DirectX drivers to include Dx9.c drivers. Dx11 is newer but is missing important drivers that were included in 9.c) Currently will NOT run on Apple/Mac computers, though eventually it may be able to. It will never run on a phone or tablet. Players need a full computer with gaming hardware to run Visions.

4 GB of RAM or better required (64 bit systems may need 8 gb RAM). It will run with 2 GB of RAM but you won’t enjoy the experience.

1GB VideoRAM minimum (2GB VRAM or better HIGHLY recommended) Beautiful graphics will run better on a video card with more vRAM (almost unplayable with 512 VideoRAM, but you can log in and look around a little if that’s all you’ve got).

Dual-Core or better required, (WILL NOT run on a single core processor) with 2.6GHz or better (3 GHz recommended) A faster processor will give smoother gameplay.

Uses DirectX 9c video drivers (You may need to update your DirectX drivers, this is the most common problem for people who have trouble after installing the client).


Why does Visions have such high system requirements?

Because we are making Visions using a next generation game engine which allows us to add all the eye candy, and networking features that we need to produce an MMO. Sure, we could have just made a little 2D facebook game in a lot less time, with fewer features, that would run on more systems, but it wouldn’t be as much fun. For the more immersive experience, we needed a 3D engine, and the more robust power that a 3D engine allows us.  If you upgrade your computer to accommodate Visions system requirements, your other applications will benefit too! Everyone wins!