Meaningful Gameplay

A core concept in the development of Visions is to incorporate ample meaningful gameplay into the overall game experience. What constitutes “Meaningful Gameplay” anyway? It means different things to different people. To us, it means learning something from the game experience that a player can take away and benefit their real life in some way. It could be learning about history, it could be learning a new recipe to cook in their kitchen, it could be learning the basic concepts of blacksmithing, it could be learning a new spiritual insight, it could be gaining new appreciation for modern conveniences, or any number of similar things. Meaningful gameplay goes beyond the game to improve the player’s real life.

What’s in the game right now that is educational or meaningful?

Life Skills:

  • Cooking recipes
  • Pottery making methods
  • Color-relevant pigments for glazes
  • Blacksmithing introduction
  • Introduction to Carpentry


  • Geographically relevant terrain using satellite data of the island of Cyprus
  • Historically accurate city names
  • Historically accurate city locations
  • Artist interpretations of Landmark buildings recreated from maps of ruins


  • Regionally relevant wildlife
  • Historical use of animals (eg: research indicates that the Romans trained dolphins for riding in battle)
  • Historical use of plants and animals for food relevant to gameplay


  • Scripture Info points with relevant verses
  • Introduction to the core storyline with the Master’s house.
  • Island of Cyprus is prominent in the book of Acts and the journies of Paul


What meaningful gameplay is planned for the future?


All the professions are intended to teach various types of life skills, in addition to their integral role in game advancement. There are 19 professions planned, plus a general category for basic skills.


  • Blacksmith
  • Tailor
  • Baker
  • Mason
  • Potter
  • Artizan
  • Carpenter


  • Fisherman
  • Ranching
  • Farming
  • Miner


  • Soldier
  • Hunter
  • Mercenary
  • Athlete


  • Disciple
  • Merchant
  • Entertainer
  • Physician


  • Geographically relevant terrain using Satellite data of the entire Mediterranean basin including:
  • – Syria
  • – Jordan
  • – Israel
  • – Rome
  • – Egypt
  • – Galatia
  • – Greece
  • Pilgrimage routes of Jesus and the Apostles
  • Geographically relevant placement of historical cities
  • Historical names of ancient cities
  • Historical shipping routes and merchant ports
  • Historical battle locations and city ruins


  • Unique and regionally relevant flora and fauna based on research
  • Historically relevant mounts
  • Historically relevant livestock and pets
  • Accurate ingredients for recipes (eg: wheat flour, milk, eggs, olive oil) obtained from their source


  • King James Bible version used for scriptures
  • Epic quest to find and collect all the scriptures in the Bible through missions and adventures
  • Visions and dreams that take the play-character back in time to experience Biblical events of the past
  • Player organized In-game Bible Study groups and worship meetings
  • Discipleship quests to learn scriptural teachings

All this and much much more is planned for the future development of Visions! Come play with us!