Intoducing myself to you..

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Intoducing myself to you..

Post by yboatright » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:33 pm

:D [b][color=#800000]Hello everyone[/color][/b]! I want to formally come here and introduce myself to you all. My name is Minister Yvonne Boatright. I a Born Again bible believing Christian who is saved by the Grace of God today. I a mother to 3, 2 boys ages 24 and 13, who FYI are heavy gamers. My 24 year old especially. I have been trying to encourage him to follow his passion for video gaming into college and make it his career. please pray for Patrick in this matter. I myself am not really a gamer. I like them, just do not play them. I really never have the time. You will always find me with my nose buried in a book or a bible! I am 1st year college student in Biblical Studies and the study of the Hebrew Language. As well I am currently a student of Christian Institute an online school for biblical studies to earn your certifications in various areas such as worship leader and what not. I do attend church at Sovereign Grace Fellowship. I look forward to our fellowship here as well as gaining a new perspective and insight into the world of Video Games! I think that what you are all doing here is AWESOME and so NEEDED. There are lots of video games on the market today, but none like what your doing here! I am blessed to become a part of such a great team of people in God's kingdom today. I can be found on Face Book often doing my online ministry and support groups. If you need me, I am always there to listen. So my hat's off to all of you all for your dedication and commitment to making this video game happen. God bless and I will see you in the game rooms!

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Re: Intoducing myself to you..

Post by Sparkling » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:35 pm

Thank you so much for your support Yvonne! I was very sad to learn today that your computer is not powerful enough to connect to the game. We'll keep praying that the Lord will provide you with a new computer so you can fill this role that you set out to help us with. In the mean time please pray that the Lord sends a replacement. It will be hard to fill your shoes!

God bless you,

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