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Hey! I'm new, and excited about Visions

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 9:02 am
by testifier

I was addicted to Runescape for 5 years. Over half of that time I was seriously convicted about content. I didn't want to stop playing, and being involved, but couldn't help but wonder why there is nothing good in the gaming industry. Everything starts out looking innocent in that game, drawing young kids, and eventually you are doing quests where evil and darkness is the goal. I am sooooo excited that you are attempting to make an important change in this area. I want to be on the side of introducing truth into these battles, and recognizing that the battles are real, and we can bring the reality into our creativity and keep God's principles in it.

I was able to get on a couple of times, and didn't see anyone. Either I haven't figured out where to go, or it's still very new and not many of you around yet. I'm excited to see how the story goes, and possibly even be involved in writing quests, or anything that I am able to contribute. I also have a recording studio, and music and sounds could be my bag of tricks. I am one who could contribute 12 hours/week in whatever way is helpful.

Well, hi for now, and looking forward to meeting people.

aka: Testifier

Re: Hey! I'm new, and excited about Visions

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:18 pm
by Sparkling
The game is still *VERY* new. Not really even born yet. HAHA

We have probably less than 50 total users who own the client, and some of them have discovered that their computer does not meet the minimum system requirements, so they are waiting until they can upgrade their RAM or Video card or both. We are still in the Alpha stage of development, though we are actually in Alpha stage 2 now. So we are getting closer to Beta now every day! The more people who donate to the project or pay for a download of the game the easier it is for us to make faster progress. As it is now, our developers are working jobs for other companies to pay the bills and put food on their tables while volunteering after hours on the Visions project. We're constantly working on ways to try to change this so that we can actually pay our developers to work on Visions and not need to expend their energy elsewhere.

One of the ways we learned about at CGDC this year is on-demand 3D prints. So we have opened a shop at Shapeways where we have begun uploading models from the game so that people can order them and have a physical toy they can hold in their hand of the 3D model from the game. Check out our Shapeways store here to see what we're working on. More models are being added all the time.

Of course there is always the "donate" button on the site available. And our other games are available in the tinyzoo store.

We just haven't reached critical mass yet. People don't know about us yet. Some do, but not enough to really be able to generate enough funding to make the game self-sufficient. It will come in God's time. He did not bring us through this 10 year journey to abandon us at the cusp of accomplishment. We'll get there. We're trying to do this God's way, not the world's way. And God's way sometimes looks unconventional and even uncomfortable to the world's eyes. But we're trusting that God's way is the best way. So we haven't borrowed any money against the business, and we haven't taken any money from investors that would require us to compromise the Biblical aspects of the game design. That has meant that progress has been a lot slower than we hoped. But we're still making progress. Hopefully we'll get to a point where more people will come on board with us, and more players will log into the game to hang out with each other. Use it as a long-distance Bible Study location to meet up with long-lost friends who no longer live nearby, or whatever works to get people in game and online. We are trying to add more content. It's just not as fast as the multi-million-dollar AAA game companies can produce it because we don't have a full team working around the clock. Keep praying for us! We need a lot of spiritual coverage.

God bless you,

Re: Hey! I'm new, and excited about Visions

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:26 am
by Sparkling
Not sure what the angry army is that you are talking about. You might be thinking of a different game?