Eager to see this - Ex-WoW'er

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Eager to see this - Ex-WoW'er

Post by still_waters » Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:30 am

god has recently put on my conscience not to continue to play world of warcraft due to all the occult and violent content. still, i am eager to have an enjoyable gameplay option that enriches, or at the very least doesn't undermine, my christian faith.

i wish i had some skill that would enable me to help forward this project! my funds are not such as to allow me to donate much, but i will be sure to put what treasure i can toward design and implementation. i will also share the information with other christians who are gamers.

can't wait to beta test, and hope to be some help at least in that area of feedback.

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Re: Eager to see this - Ex-WoW'er

Post by Sparkling » Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:23 pm

Welcome! We're glad to have you here! We're working on the game as fast as we can. We had to switch engines this winter due to encountering an irreparable bug in the last engine we were using. This was a temporary setback however as the new engine has a lot of pre-built features that are advancing our progress very quickly. We are doing our best to get the game online as soon as possible!

God bless you,

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