Will there be Guilds in Visions? Yes... but different.

In other games these communities have been called, Guilds or Clans or Alliances... in Visions we will call them Communities.
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Will there be Guilds in Visions? Yes... but different.

Post by Sparkling » Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:50 pm

There were "Guilds" in Roman times, but they were largely Profession oriented, and since people will already have opportunities to pursue a profession in game, that would be redundant. An Alliance is too military oriented, and Visions has many more things to do other than fight so that really doesn't work for us. Clans sounds a bit too barbaric, or Scottish perhaps, neither of which fit Ancient Rome or the Holy Land. The concept of a Kibbutz didn't form until the 1940's, so that doesn't fit our time line. We thought about calling them Families, but that seemed too restrictive. So, we will call them Communities. It isn't perfect, but seems to fit the best for our game design.

Use this forum branch to discuss your ideas of how Communities might work in Visions. We have our own ideas too, but since people clearly want to talk about it, I made a place for you to gather. :)

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Re: Will there be Guilds in Visions? Yes... but different.

Post by cjpowers » Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:28 am

I agree the wording is important. There should be ways for players to group together. If you use the label 'guilds' then it should apply to those groups that are profession based. For those that want to follow the scripture quests, those could be called Brotherhoods, or Conclaves or Congregrations, etc. Something similar could be established for the adventurers or history quest lines. Each type of 'group' or 'guild' should follow different structures. For example, the scripture 'guild' would be structured less like a military rank system and more like a communal gathering of spirits on a similar quest or goal. Honestly, the best guilds are run by a good core of people that make sure everyone and everything runs nice. Many poor guilds ignore the individual and tend to favor social groups that form within. An idea might be to apply certain quest experience to that player's guild rank. As long as they are doing activities within the guild's goals established when it is formed, they can earn prestige and respect without waiting to be acknowledged by some officer that may or may not care what they have done. There are systems in games now that sort of do this by way of guild faction or points or status, but ultimately the leaders choose when to acknowledge people. You could even reward the higher ranking members for acknowledging the efforts of the smaller folks. Use positive reinforcement to build stronger communities.

Sorry, I sort of ran with that, but it is always food for thought. I could present a more detailed, outlined system after some research and a better understanding of the 'guild' system desired for Visions.

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