How hard can it be to make a MMORPG?

This month marks 14 years that we have been working on Visions. Laurene had hoped we would be done in two. Clearly, that didn’t happen. We are still working on Visions, and still trying to get it ready for Steam, although players are able to play on our live server right now. Our team has hit some setbacks in real life, time and financial pressures have pulled us away from the intensive development we used to be able to devote to the project so we haven’t made the progress we would like to see in recent months. But I thought this 14 year anniversary would be a good time to take a step back and look at how far we have come, how much we have done, how many hurdles we have jumped, and how awesome our developers have been over the years to accomplish so much as volunteers with no funding, no budget, and often no training. It is much more than I can write in a short news update, or a small facebook post. This much information deserved full illustration with screenshots and celebration. So I created a page here on the website covering an overview of the last 14 years of history of the development of Visions.

Where we’ve been

This commemorative page is a shout out to all the volunteers who have sacrificed time with their families, evenings, nights, weekends, and sleep for the benefit of the Visions game development project. You are awesome! Thank you for everything you have done to bring Visions to the public.  We love you!

Can I play Visions now?
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