Working on new avatars

We have run into a few hiccups with getting the new avatars implemented, but we’re still focusing on that as our main priority right now. We haven’t progressed much in worldbuilding, or quest implementation, or other core content, because we want to get these avatars working properly. We can’t even release an update right now because Sparkling (that’s me) broke the character creation while trying to implement the new avatars. We’ve had to seek outside help to fix these things and it is taking a little bit of time. Thanks for your support and continued prayers. You don’t know how important it is to us! We appreciate you.

God bless you. Thanks for playing!

Success! New progress with Unity!

After several months of development in Unity we finally are able to successfully log in to the persistent test server! We have been working on worldbuilding as well during this time, but the login success feels triumphant today as we had so much difficulty learning this new method of connecting. Some of our programmers that are more experienced with game networking are on leave of absence so it left the rest of us to figure things out on our own, and this is not our forte’. With God’s help and perseverance of our dedicated team, today we were finally able to get it to work!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our team. Please join us on Discord if you haven’t already, and check in with us! Please introduce yourself in the General channel to let us know if you want to be a game tester for Visions or another project.

You may use this link to invite people to the HBTZ community discord server:

Thanks for playing!

God bless you and keep you and make His light to shine upon you in these dark days. Ye are the light of the world!