Can I play Visions now?

The short answer is, “YES!” You can download it right now and log in to our persistent world server and play. Bring a friend!

What you should know when logging in:

Visions is still in the “Alpha” stage of development, meaning not all the intended features of the design have been implemented and some of the “default Bigworld game engine” elements are still in use. The two most obvious things are the Bigworld avatars, and the Bigworld staves. The staves act more like magic weapons than melee weapons. This is NOT part of the Visions game design, but we have left them in the game for testing to make sure the game works while we are developing it. As we get closer to the fully intended implementation of the Visions game design, the Bigworld staves will go away. The Bigworld avatars are also noted by many people, as they do not have typical Roman armor or period clothing. We’ve done our best to modify the avatars with more modest clothing, you’ll note the Visions logo on their tshirts, but until we’re able to implement custom avatars with more period clothing these avatars help us with testing new code because we know these avatars work with the game engine. When we introduce new avatars and encounter a bug, it’s harder to know for sure if the bug is with the new code or the new avatar. Thanks for understanding!

Ways you can help us get Visions done faster:

1) Pray for us. Prayer works. We’ve seen it work. We know it works. Please pray for us, for our business, for our project, for our families, for our finances, for our health, for our team in general. Christian ministry of any sort seems to attract spiritual warfare, this includes making Christian games. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Pray without ceasing. Thank you for praying! Let us know what your prayer needs are and we will pray for you too.

2) Buy and play the game! When you pay for the game it helps us pay for our operating costs. When you play the game you create an opportunity for other players to find you and experience the multi-player aspect of the world. We encourage players to organize ingame events, Bible studies, meetings, and private hangouts with friends in the game world.

3) Support us on Patreon! When you become a Visions Patron it helps us pay for our monthly expenses (which are many), and it also helps other people who visit our Patreon page see that other people are interested in a game like Visions too and will be more likely to join you.

4) Register as a monthly subscriber!  Don’t want to register on Patreon but still want to help us out with a monthly donation? No problem! You can subscribe right here using PayPal. Thank you so much! 100% of every donation goes to help us with our development expenses.

Buy your rank in a monthy subscription

5) Make a one-time donation! Unsure of your ability to donate every month but still want to help us out? One time donations help us too! Thank you so much for your contribution!

6) Donate directly to our Hosting fees. Want to make sure our website stays online? You can donate directly to our hosting company. The money will ONLY be able to be used to pay our hosting costs, and nothing else when donated this way.7) Apply to be a Volunteer! All our developers are currently volunteers until the game becomes financially viable. Do you have experience as a game developer? Apply to join our team! We have a new application form. Please send us an email after you have submitted your form.8) Become an Affiliate Sponsor. This option is especially attractive to business owners who would like to earn tax credits for advertising in our game, but is also open to anyone who wants to place a memorial or commemorative object in the game. We have items as small as bricks and cobblestones, or as large as statues to choose from. Please see full details for the different Affiliate Sponsor levels on our page dedicated to those who support us with in-game advertising.7) Tell everybody! No really, we want you to log in and play and tell your friends that we exist! We don’t have funding for a marketing team so we are very much dependent on you the player to help us out by telling other people about the work we are doing here. Tell your facebook friends, your twitter followers, your church youth group, anyone who will listen and might be interested in playing a new kind of online game. We don’t know the people you know, so we need you to tell them about us!


What is there to do in Visions right now?

We have primarily been focusing on implementing some tradeskill recipes that can be crafted in game so players have something meaningful and constructive to do while we continue working on the game. There are mining, blacksmithing, cooking, pottery, and a few carpentry recipes that can be created now. See the full list of active recipes on our Recipe page. Combat does work, but presently the enemies do not fight back, not even the default Bigworld giant spiders (which will be getting smaller soon!). There are a few leopards in the world. Can you find them? Exploration is a big part of the game world right now, there are six seamless zones for a total of 12 km x 18 km of terrain and ocean area to explore on the island of Cyprus.

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