Spring is trying to bloom

It has been a long, brutal winter. Masses of people all over the US and even the world at large have experienced record-breaking weather conditions over the last several months. Pets have died. Some families have suffered personal loss. To say it has been hard would be an understatement.

But with the coming of Spring is new hope in the promises of the Lord. Chickens start laying again as the daylight increases. Sheep give birth to their lambs. The birds gather their nests and eggs hatch with new life. Flowers emerge from the melting snow and bring the promise of beauty once again.

Deuteronomy 8:7
For the Lord thy God bringeth thee into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills;

In this season of renewal we look forward to the fulfilment of promises and the completion of projects started long ago. We anticipate the coming of Visions on Steam. We pray for the Lord’s provision in all things. We’ve set up a Patreon page for Visions, so that our players can participate regularly in the blessings of the Lord and contribute to our work.


Not everyone can go on a mission to Africa or China but some can contribute financially to those who will go. We hope to bring Visions – and the message of hope and life and truth that is included – to all the nations of the world where high speed internet can be found. Please join us by supporting our ministry with your help.

Would you prefer to make a one time donation rather than subscribing on Patreon? You can do that too! Thank you for helping us create Visions for you, and the world.

Thank you for helping us! Please note, all donations are non-refundable and non-tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation through your business as a marketing expense, please visit our Affiliate Sponsor page where you can choose from various marketing packages. Please consult with your tax professional for specific information about using marketing expenses as a tax deduction. We are not tax specialists.Visions_Banner_950x150_b
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