Forums are fixed finally!

A very long time ago we had an issue with our forums that forced us to take them offline. The only fix at the time was to delete the forums and start over. We didn’t like that option. We waited and waited, until we sorta forgot about them after a while. Recently the problem with the forums was brought back to mind and we started looking for a solution again. I am happy to announce that the forums are back online!  Thanks to Tim for preserving the data and getting our forums working again! So please, everyone log into the forums and send Tim a great big hug for reviving our forums, upgrading the software and preserving our history.

Then by all means, start posting again! Ask questions. Post comments. Share news articles about games in the news (in the appropriate forum). Tell us what time of day is your best time to play. Interact with one another and share links to your friends.


What have you been doing in Visions lately? What have you enjoyed the most of the activities currently available? What are you looking forward to the most to be completed? Do you have a friend that logs in with you to play with you? What known bugs are currently impacting your gameplay the most?

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Have you ever used the Visions game world to do things not specifically structured into the gameplay, like meeting with friends from around the world online in-game for a Bible study, or a business meeting? Perhaps you have conducted a cooking class in game? Does that sound like fun to you?


I’m sure you heard by now that we have been accepted to Steam Greenlight. We are working on getting the framework installed so Visions can be distributed on Steam. Are you looking forward to accessing Visions on Steam?


We are working very hard to restructure our business model to make Visions financially viable. We want Visions to bring in enough money that we can hire full time developers to work on the game so we can get the core mechanics done faster and get content created more effectively. In the meanwhile however, we are all still working as volunteers. We appreciate your support to help us get this game made. Please consider donating to help us bring Visions to a broader audience. The world needs better choices in games that will help make the world a better place!



Please donate to help us create Visions for you.

Thank you for helping us! Please note, all donations are non-refundable and non-tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation through your business as a marketing expense, please visit our Affiliate Sponsor page where you can choose from various marketing packages. Please consult with your tax professional for specific information about using marketing expenses as a tax deduction. We are not tax specialists.
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