CGDC WEEK – July 12 Patch Notes

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Patch Notes for July 12, 2016
CGDC is this week!
This update fixes the Sawmill Supervisor and the Sawmill Worker. Players can now buy a work order from the Supervisor and take it with their Pine logs to the worker to get different sizes of boards.
The boards will be able to be used in the carpentry table to make things out of wood which will be coming in the next patch.
We did notice some unplanned anomalies with the harvesting of trees to be aware of. The snake staff works better than the electric staff for felling trees (no we won’t always use staves with harvesting trees, soon you will actually need to use the axe.) The trees on the ridge near the Master’s house work. Some of the others by the lumber mill didn’t work. We will be looking into the code that effects this to try to fix it. Presently only pine tree logs make boards, locust logs don’t make boards yet.


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