You did it! You are awesome!

You are an awesome community! You got Visions Greenlit! Thank you! We now have the invitation to put Visions on Steam!


Now we have the hard part of the job to get the Steam framework integrated into the game, but that’s part of the process. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for praying for us. Please keep praying. We still have an incredible amount of work to do and your prayers really do help. We are hoping that this next step of distributing Visions through Steam will help us reach more people than we’ve been able to reach with just our website and Facebook. Thanks for helping us get the Greenlight to proceed! You did it!

We extended the free download a couple of days but our store has been fixed for several days now so the store is back up and the free download has gone away. Kudos to those of you who have been keeping an eye on our website to share the freebies with your friends! We appreciate you!

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