June 4 Patch Notes

This patch is a lot of behind-the-scenes work with not so much visual results that can be seen on the screen, but it is a very important update and is a big step toward getting ready for Steam distribution as well. We are working on some more visual components as well but they were not ready in time for this patch. We felt this patch was important enough to release it now rather than waiting.


Visions 0.3.5 Patch Notes for June 4, 2016
Our STEAM GREENLIGHT camign is still running. If you haven’t voted for us yet, please vote YES on Steam.
Also please ask your fellow gamers to vote for our Steam campaign. You can use this shortened URL to find it.
CGDC is coming to Portland July 14-16 and Visions will have a table in the Expo center there. Learn more about this event on CGDC.org or on the CGDC facebook page.
–This patch implements phase one of our Password update. It is now possible to login with your email and password from the website (the page where you downloaded the game from). If you do this your account will be reset, but you will be prepared for the next phase of the update. At some point in the near future it will no longer be possible to log in without a valid email address. We are doing this to increase account security. As an added benefit it also helps us to prepare for integrating the Steamworks framework so we can release Visions through Steam once we hit Greenlight.
–If you have forgotten your password you can now create a new one by going to the download website and click forgot password.
-Worldbuilding Update:
–This patch includes some more work in the Kyrenia and 4 City Valley zones. Buildings have been added to the cities in those zones and more work on the terrain has been completed.

Final Note:
-While we are working very hard to provide content that is playable and will give players fun things to do while we are working on the game, please remember that Visions is still in Alpha.
Sometimes there will be necessary changes that require database wipes or account restarts, and other inconvenient experiences. We are trying very hard to minimize these as much as possible, but sometimes it just is not possible to avoid them. When you create a new account with your email address is one of these situations, but it will be better in the long run. Thank you so much for your support and participation in the creation of Visions! We are glad you are here.

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