Jesus was not a fool

I do not like pranks. I love humor, Robin Williams was one of my favorite comedians. But I don’t think it is Christlike to be mean to people for personal entertainment. I haven’t found any evidence in the New Testament that Jesus or any of His disciples ever played mean tricks on people for kicks and giggles. I just don’t think pranks are funny. Being mean to people is not funny. So in my company, we don’t do mean things on April fools day. Jesus was not a fool. And God said pretty clearly in the book of Proverbs that acting like a fool is an extremely undesirable way to behave. My understanding of the book of Proverbs (which is 31 chapters long, exactly the right length to read one chapter a day every month!), which is the book of wisdom, is that causing someone else to look like or behave like a fool is just as foolish as being a fool. So we don’t do that to people here. And we encourage others not to participate in evil pranks either. To prove our point we are giving away a free download of Visions today. No strings attached. Just download, install and play. There is normally a $30 cost associated with obtaining access to the Alpha player test client. And it isn’t that we’ve had a lot of sales lately and don’t need the money. This is just our way of being counter-cultural and saying, “Hey, you don’t have to be mean to have fun! Come play with us!”


We are planning to have a team gathering on the play server this weekend at some point. We haven’t set a specific time yet, but if you log in you might see some of us online! We hope to see you there.

God bless you,

-Laurene Wells

Owner of Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo, LLC.

Welcome new players!
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