Merry Christmas!

We posted a small patch last night. The fall quests are gone and the Christmas presents are back for a short time. Log in to get your presents!  Merry Christmas!

If you don’t have access to the Visions Alpha test server client yet, you can contribute here to gain access.

Makes a fun last minute download gift for your Christian gamer friends too!

Patch Notes for December 21, 2015
-New Masters House model. With this model the draw calls per instance of this model have been reduced from 10 to 2. It now utilizes the shell system to help with occlusion.
-New Hovel houses. The draw calls on these houses has been reduced from 4 to 1. They now also utilize the shell system as well. Currently only the exterior is ready as we noticed some rotational issues with the interiors during testing. We hope to have those interiors ready in the next patch.
-Removed outdated quests.
-Terrain painting and adjustments on going in the starter area to help with performance and overall look.
-Work on laying out the rest of the rivers has begun. We are currently messing around with using animated textures so some optimizing may still be needed.
-New harvestable entities, and spawner system for harvestable has been implemented. This system allows us to spawn a set number of harvestables over a large area while still keeping performance in check.
-Skills UI has been added for the skill system. The UI is functional and we do have skills in the database, but the ability to learn, and use has not yet been added.
-Backend work on tools for the quest system to allow designers to create and edit quests without having to write them by hand.
-Updating the account system. Most of the work is behind the scenes so players should not see any difference yet. The work on the account system is to allow us to tie it into the website and manage accounts their instead of directly in the database.
-Updated the navmesh in some zones to accommodate some of the new terrain and model changes.

visions_debug 2015-07-10 14-18-01-73

Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

February patch coming soon!
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