Patch Notes for 0.3.0 Quest Tool Update

Yes, this new patch includes new functionality that get us one step closer to the intended design for the game. Visions has a Quest Tool now! It is still in a rudimentary form but it is functional. We have implemented one chain quest in this patch so you can start to get a feel for where we’re going with this. Look for the Quest Scroll on the table and right click on it to interact with it.

Following are the Patch Notes from this update.

Visions 0.3.0 (9-9-2015)
!!!Rosh Hashana – Feast of Trumpets Quest Patch!!!
IMPORTANT: Please read Known Issues at the bottom of the patch notes.
– We have a quest tool now! It is in a very early rudimentary stage but it works!
– Right Click on the quest scrolls to do the quest!
Server/Client General Improvements:
Cleaned up server/client data objects to improve server performance, and packet security.
Client Quality Improvements:
Fixed materials on a number of objects so they now contain spec and normal maps.
Starting a terrain texture touch up in starting area.
Client Performance Improvements:
Enabled batch rendering on a number of objects.
Added LOD cut off distance to a number objects.
Removed unneeded static objects in starting area.
Removed an extra water object in Starting area.
Fixed up missing or corrupt vlo errors.
Changed rivers and ponds to use cube map reflections.
Fixed a number of file mismatch errors.
Swapped out some of the houses for houses using batch rendering.
Reduced total draw calls in some areas by almost 20%
Gameplay Additions:
Added in basic quest system. The system currently only supports dialog quests, and waypoint quests.
Added in foundation for dynamic spawning of creatures and other objects. This is the ground work which multiple spawning systems will be built upon and will improve server and client performance down the line.
Bug Fixes:
– You can drop items again! Drag it from your inventory onto the ground or press X to drop it.
– Baby chicks can be dropped now. And you can pick it up again.
– The Amathus zone shouldn’t be crashing any more due to a waterblock error.
– You have to stand more than 4 meters away to interact with the tradeskill tools.
– When you drop a baby chick on the ground it becomes an item instead of a creature.
– Water is missing from some areas where water should be located.
– Baby chick is invisible when you are holding it in your hand.
– Eggs are still about twice too large.

We hope you have fun in Visions! If you don’t have the client yet you can get it from our store over here:

Happy Rosh Hashana!!!

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