It’s CGDC time again!

It’s July, and you know what that means! The Christian Game Developers Conference is happening in Portland, Oregon. You can learn more about it at if you’re interested. We’re taking Visions to CGDC again. We haven’t had time to work on the website or the facebook page or much of anything else because we’ve been trying to squash bugs and update the content to get it ready for the conference.  We haven’t gotten as much done as we had hoped, but we did get 2 new zones connected!  We will be patching the new content to the play server this week, as soon as we get this last big tools bug squashed.

visions_debug 2015-07-10 09-03-59-12This is a view of Salamis in the distance from the new mountain that borders the 4 corners of the new zones. Hope you get some time to log in and play with us this month!

Visions is ready for CGDC!
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