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Opps!  Sorry folks! I posted the announcement on Facebook but forgot to update the website. (I wear a lot of hats and this one fell off. My apologies!) It came to our attention that holy Passover goes through April 11th, so we decided to keep Visions free until then! You still have today and tomorrow to download Visions for free. Did you download a copy of the Visions client yet? How about your friends? Did they download it too so you can play together?

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No tricks!  Visions is absolutely free to download right now. No payment necessary. No gimicks. No joke! Just download, update and play! We are still in the Alpha stage of development so there is a lot of core functionality we still need to implement to get the game to the point where it looks and feels like the game we have designed. We just really want to share what we’ve been working on with our players, because we know that there is no other game like this available anywhere in the world and we want you to be able to experience it as soon as possible.

We know many of our players are looking for a safe place to play.  Visions provides an escape from the outside world. Some of our players are looking for a place to meet online with their friends who are far away so they can have virtual prayer meetings, or virtual Bible studies. We have the perfect environment for that! Meet up with your friends in the Kourion theater overlooking the sea! Some of our players want a place to just chill and relax after a hard day at work. Visions has beaches to walk on, the ocean to swim in (no sharks yet!), forests to get lost in, and cities to visit. Some of our players just want something to do to pass the time. We have several tradeskills implemented now, and more coming. Lots of ingredients to harvest. There are 16 types of mineral crystals to collect from mining the rocks.

visions_debug 2014-12-03 22-31-42-88We hope you are enjoying the Easter/Passover event that we created for you to play with. Try making some unleavened bread. Make a lamb roast. Make some cheese with fresh milk from the cows.
Make a bottle of anointing oil. All these recipes and more can be crafted in the game from items collected in the game world. Post screenshots of your experiences on the Facebook page!

worldeditor 2014-11-12 15-05-03-99A special thank you to our Affiliate Sponsors who help us keep the power on and the internet bill paid. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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