The Visions Easter Patch is Now Live!

The moment you’ve been waiting for (perhaps as long as a week and a half) has finally arrived! The 2015 Easter Event is now live on the play server! Please update and log in! Yesterday’s note was pretty thorough in describing the way the tradeskills function so we’ll just leave it at that.

While a tremendous amount of work has gone into this patch creating a lot of new functionality and implementing new recipes and fixing a few items that were poorly sized before, the size of the patch download itself is relatively small. For users who already had the game installed and updated since the last (March) patch, the new download should take less than 5 minutes on high speed internet.

visions_debug 2015-04-02 12-52-50-86

And yes, the client is still free to download until April 5th. Please share the link with your friends and play together!  We hope you have fun. And we hope you have a blessed celebration with loved ones during the holy days.

Thank you for sharing your blessing with us! May the Lord bless you abundantly. Every donation helps! (Sorry, donations are not tax deductible. However, if you own a business, you can participate in our Affiliate program over on this page and your contribution there may qualify for an advertising expense on your taxes. Please consult with your tax adviser.)Buy-A-Cobblestone_TY4Playing
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