Weekly GM events starting in Visions (alpha) TONIGHT!

You read the title right!  We’re starting weekly GM events online in Visions beginning tonight, August 12th at 6:00 pm Pacific time!  Now you have something fun to look forward to on Monday every week!

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1st and 3rd Mondays will be Live GM Quest Events.
2nd Monday of every month we will be doing a Bible study in-game.
4th Monday will be a Prayer meeting in-game.
If there is a 5th Monday then we will do an extra GM Quest event.

Expect this to last 1-2 hours.

(Starting at 6 pm PT, 7 MT, 8 CT, 9 ET)

STARTING TONIGHT!  Tonight is the 2nd week of the month so we will be having the Bible Study tonight.  Our new Bible Study Leader has an idea of topic for us already that has been on her mind.  See you there!  Tonight we will meet at the KOURION HIPPODROME.

If you haven’t played since mid-July please allow extra time to update your client.  (Anyone who has updated since CGDC will be up to date already.)  We’ll see you online tonight!  Bring a friend!

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